n recognition of a province of the province’s spiritual civilization advanced collectives and advan

11 month 15 days, reporters from the provincial civilization Committee was informed that since 2013, various departments across the province to stick around the central task, to carry out a wide range of activities to create a mass spiritual civilization construction, the emergence of a number of solid work, outstanding performance, affect a wide range of advanced models. In order to fully demonstrate the achievements of our province to build spiritual civilization, to further mobilize the whole society to participate actively and create the initiative and creativity, and promote the further development of the construction of spiritual civilization, the provincial civilization committee decided that our province in recognition of a number of the province’s construction of spiritual civilization advanced collective and advanced workers.

it is understood that the unit of civilization and advanced workers commended the provincial civilized city, civilized village, civilized industry, through self declaration, by recommendation, evaluation and acceptance, seek opinions from the relevant departments and the Provincial Committee of civilization audit procedures, finally granted 23 Xining city and other cities (including city, county and county-level city) the title of provincial civilized the city granted Xining City Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Qiaotou town 55 towns and villages in the provincial civilized villages and towns such as the Department of Transportation awarded the title of 9 industries of Qinghai province provincial civilized industry title, awarded the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau and other 190 units of the provincial civilized units pacesetter title, awarded China postal Group Corporation Xining branch 544 the unit of provincial civilized unit title, awarded the title of Fan Yongfu 23 comrades of the construction of spiritual civilization advanced workers.


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