20 disinfection products business unit rectification

Provincial Health Authority recently to carry out disinfection products business unit special supervision and inspection work, on-site supervision and inspection label sales of disinfection products of 45 pharmaceutical stores in Xining city and certificate filing etc., in order to further strengthen the unit according to its use, the use of the object and the degree of risk management in our Province disinfection product management. Inspection found that there are 20 pharmacies operating disinfection product label does not meet the requirements of the certificate or not filing, there are 46 kinds of substandard products box 694. To the existing problems of the business units, the supervision of the site issued a cabinet to stop selling substandard products, and require immediate rectification of the health supervision opinions.
the check to check whether the purchase of disinfection products acceptance system; domestic enterprises producing disinfection products, disinfection products, health permits, health permits or health and safety evaluation report and registration certificate if any; disinfection product labels and instructions is in accordance with the product label instructions "disinfection management standards" provisions as the main content.

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