2952 graduates find the right job

employment is the people’s livelihood, promote employment is to protect people’s livelihood. For the provincial government to seriously implement the people’s livelihood, promote employment arrangements and requirements, build a bridge in the employment of college graduates, and among enterprises in April 10th, jointly organized by the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, province association of private economy to Internet, enterprises and colleges and post docking "as the theme of the 2015 college graduates special recruitment will be held in Qinghai national university. Provided by 536 companies in the post, so that college students are eager, the day a total of 2952 college graduates in the recruitment site to find their own jobs on the site of the 9607. Full service convenient job
it is reported that from the beginning of 2011, the province of Industrial and Commercial Bureau will be the problem of employment of university students as the focus of every business work, this year has been held for 4 consecutive years specifically for special recruitment of college graduates in employment will be. The recruitment will be held on the eve of this year, the staff Industrial and Commercial Bureau in advance with the enterprises and employers, understand their employment needs, but also many college graduates understand the specialty, would not be suitable for students majoring in business are removed, and advance to the university graduates employment information released, so that students can be early according to the specialty to resume, ready, time saving, convenient job.
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