Lectures on national architecture held in Xining

The day before, sponsored by the Qinghai Tibetan architectural culture paddle limited research and development "nation building" seminar held in Xining.

Qinghai Tibetan paddle Architectural Culture Development Co Ltd is one of the consultants reconstruction after the Yushu earthquake. To carry out the activities of "research" historical and cultural architecture of minority nationalities in Western lecture series, the main topic lecture in Qinghai, the Qinghai University, Qinghai Normal University and Qinghai national university. Hope that through this form and let more people understand, how to protect and inherit the national historical and cultural heritage, how to display and reflect the characteristics of the times of national construction, study and understand the development trend of contemporary national architecture and historical status.

, hired Minzu University of China, professor at Tsinghua University and the province related experts recommend the western minority architectural culture research project research.  

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