Xining City north of the people’s livelihood archives into a national model

August 7th, the reporter learned from the North District of Xining City, the day before, the provincial capital district passed inspection work demonstration area to create the new socialist rural construction archives. This means that the records of the masses in the north of the city side of the volume of more than 10000 livelihood archives has become a national model for more brothers and counties to learn from each other.
now, the north area of the establishment of the District, town (street) and village three level network archives. The region has formed a total of 38 villages instruments, rural land, pension insurance, new rural cooperative medical care and other files of the 15964 volumes, the first work in the provinces and cities in rural archives work to achieve the village file. The reason why it can become a national model, innovative filing is the north of the city’s capture highlights. In order to make all kinds of files that is known, the north of the city on the basis of in-depth research, take the town (street) piece of responsibility is responsible for the division of the village area of cooperation and other methods to carry out business guidance. At the same time, the author has archives, the election of villagers, tax reform, pension insurance, medical insurance, minimum living security, labor export, village kindergarten, medical room construction of people’s livelihood archives, Chaoyang village, Zhu Yan village, the North Village, three village 18 village became the municipal "new rural construction archives management demonstration village".
in addition, Chengbei district also established the town (street) and village archives resources system and utilization system, the farmers realize the access and utilization of the archives information and the current file is open query. The masses through the north of the city government portal on the Internet three rural archives information column, query the required information. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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