Xining three new service model to make grassroots health care more intimate

The pilot work of our comprehensive reform fully open, as the capital city of Xining City, at the forefront in the province’s health care reform work, especially in basic medical and health service work with "family doctor team health services, family physician responsibility and" people medicine box "family health service" as the "three basic health a new service model has become a new bright spot.

in October this year, the first day after the holiday National Day, West District Xining city tiger Taiwan community health service center in a nervous girl, she surnamed Li, a community health service center of the door and asked: "where is the doctor?" Originally, Mike’s mother was his own dog to bite, you need to fight rabies vaccine. Health care workers are preparing to introduce the relevant issues of rabies vaccine, Xiao Li said: "my mother fracture of the femoral head, lying in bed, mobility, how can this do ah?"

the community doctor Xu Yinghua said: "never mind, as long as we live in the area, our community health service center can send staff home to your mother vaccination."

"now the implementation of the" people of medicine "family health service project, you see, our" people medicine is mainly for the treatment of hypertension, "diabetes, cardiovascular disease, commonly used drugs, and portable blood pressure meter." Then, Xu Yinghua opened the drug put people kit neatly. A list of the eye in the chest open, write the drug with different and the corresponding price, Xu Yinghua said: "this is a price list for our medical staff, but also the price tag, drug prices to the residents of the area open."

"three" service new mode of people enjoy the bonus reform

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