Shanghai to open the new mode of entrepreneurial support was put forward

is now a belongs to a customer of the times, at the same time, the whole society is continuously put forward the concept of innovation, recently in Shanghai first proposed the "+" such a new slogan, but also to promote the development of innovation project further.

7 PM, Shanghai City College of science and technology venture fund (hereinafter referred to as "EFG") reached a strategic cooperation with the Anglo-Dutch Company Unilever, officially launched a new business idea "support mode + digital technology innovation based on".

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, Unilever created + released 5 project requirements, involving interactive product packaging, digital marketing, digital media technology, electronic commerce, digital consumer research, line interactive digital fields respectively, and jointly promote the innovation of digital technology start-ups. The successful pilot project will have the opportunity to promote innovative technology to other brand and Unilever, eventually saw startups as well as access to the Unilever  Venture investment, become the seed company unilever.

the "Ecomagination +" activities, but also in order to better cater to the development trend of the whole society, at the same time, the "+" concept is the Shanghai to open up a new mode of business leaders.


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