No rice jiamengfei introduced

when all the people are emphasizing brand characteristics, this shows that the product is really important. Food and beverage market development so far, if you do not have their own brand characteristics is difficult to stand in the market. So many restaurants are trying to develop their own characteristics. No rice pot open dining, and drink three bowls of porridge porridge said, before the first bowl of porridge is nourishing porridge, can nourishing the stomach, drink one before a meal to drink a bowl of porridge can protect the stomach, drink is not easy drunk. The meal in second bowls of porridge is delicious porridge, after the hot end meat seafood second bowls of porridge, delicious taste, increase appetite. After a meal is third bowls of porridge porridge before hot meat, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables in the third bowl of porridge, can supplement the body needs, drink more healthy. The market has become a very popular brand, so no rice to join

how much money?

how much is no rice franchise fee? Different fees are also different, the specific introduction is as follows:

franchise fee:

capital city:

franchise fee:

180 yuan per square meter

royalty fee: 2.5 yuan per square meter per month

Municipal City:

join fee 150 yuan per square meter

royalty fee: 2.5 yuan per square meter per month

Wu rice food culture Co. Ltd., is adhering to the international hotel management experience, combined with modern high-tech means, humane quality management as the basic management of the whole process, digital network and digital carrier, multi function management to catering industry. The company has a large number of China master chef, catering to the judges at the national level, international class catering management division and other first-class management personnel, software development personnel, skilled personnel and cooking sweet star service.

joined Wu rice low investment cost, but also to maintain the long-term profitability, the joining process is simple, and the headquarters will provide some guidance services, is indeed a rare join project.

if you have no rice investment ideas, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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