Jiasiduo food restaurant franchise has what conditions

How about

Jiasiduo food restaurant? Delicious new choice. The best choice for small business — to join Jiasiduo food restaurant. An open their own Jiasiduo food restaurant franchise, we need to pay attention to what? What are the conditions? Let’s take a look at it!

1. join fee 6500 – 12300 yuan

franchise fee is mainly composed of two parts of the technical training fee and the use fee of the brand. The modulation is the essence of a service shop, brand value is the most direct reflection, of course the cost of using the brand, is also essential.

2. certificate fee

restaurants need to handle a lot of documents, health permits, sewage permits, health certificates, business license and tax registration certificate, the certificate fee is generally 1400 to 3200 yuan; the cost of documents for different regions may differ, according to the actual situation may change.

3. store rental

services catering industry, more than 120 square could open a restaurant, but because the service demand is higher, the location of stores for gold position, so cost is not low in general rent is 1200 yuan / m2 / month.

4. decoration

service catering stores are generally relatively large, so the decoration cost is relatively high, the average price of 900 yuan / square, of which 12000 yuan decoration door signs. This is a more reasonable price.

5. store equipment

air conditioning units 3000 yuan, the central air-conditioning may be a little more expensive, but wider radiation, two refrigerators, 4000 yuan each, a good refrigerator is very important; drinking water machine 5 sets 500 yuan each can cover most of the restaurant seats so far; 30 sets, 400 yuan / sets tableware 1000 yuan.

6. kitchen equipment

cooking utensils 1000, production platform, production equipment, and all the small objects of 500 yuan. Because the service did not have much use in addition to bottom part of the stove, so the kitchen preparation can be a little simpler.

7. material

The headquarters of the

purchase materials, snack food, spices, sauces, vegetables, fruits, food box and so on 1000 yuan.

8. personnel expenditure


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