How about dry cleaning Five points for your interpretation

dry cleaning industry increasingly strong demand for services, investors want to join the dry cleaning industry is also significantly enhanced desire. So from the current market, dry cleaning investment? Do you have any investment prospects? There are five points for your interpretation, so that the dry cleaning industry investment has a clearer judgment.

1, dry cleaners start fast, relatively simple operation and management. Different from other store business, other stores need to update their products to win customers, while the dry cleaners provide a service that can be infinitely repeated.

2, dry cleaners low investment risk. The laundry itself is to provide customers with the service, and the entity is not the same, no funds, the backlog of goods and debts of the troubled business dry cleaners.

3, dry cleaners high profit margins, capital recovery. Dry cleaners have an obvious feature is the high profit margins, the average gross profit margin of more than 80%, while the cost recovery period is very short, generally open to half a year can make money back to the device. Pay attention to doing business investment is income, access to the largest investment income, which is every investor’s dream.

4, dry cleaning industry stability. It is necessary for everyone to wear clothes every day, how many clothes to wear, how many clothes need to be washed, so the laundry industry is a stable industry, the laundry business can be sustained and stable.

5, dry cleaning shop industry is the most successful franchise industry chain, but also the most suitable to take an industry chain. Hefei can do brand, leveraging the power, outside the box jade, join a powerful brand, get a set of services will be in dry cleaning, washing, ironing etc..

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