Anhui has become the first province in the country

to go to school in order to make their own English pass, many students will apply for the 46 test, but there are many students think there is no need for this! In December 15th, the Anhui provincial education entrance examination issued a notice: according to the actual situation of the development of our province, the National English test in 2017, our province National English test examination means in the next stop, the university career, many candidates will not face torture. 46 levels of tests!

English exam 46 years ago, to stop the English level exam, Anhui became the first province in the country, that is, from next year, Anhui will not have the National English exam this thing. It is reported that Anhui is the first country to stop the National English proficiency test. It is understood that the current domestic English test is divided into two categories: first, PETS, which is the National English proficiency test. Another is CET-4/6, that is, 46 examinations.

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