80 students rely on washing net 3 million

Li Ke and a lot of young people from the campus of the university after graduation began his long road of life, but different from ordinary college students, his goal is clear, is to do poineering work, no matter how hard it is to be maintained, an experienced three big business failure 80 finally found his wealth of students the road cleaning appliances??.

series of blows

did not expect the initial elegant down into the days after Lee grams of the most do not want to mention the memories, so he ended the first venture into a two-year low.

operating in the restaurant on the upgrade when a man carrying 800 thousand yuan to find Li Ke, hope and Li Ke jointly run tea restaurant. Li also feel that this is an opportunity to expand the size of the store, they readily accepted. Unexpectedly, two people not only business ideas are different, the partner has a strong desire for possession. Li Ke slowly feel excluded, infighting is fatal for a business, business is deserted. Finally one day, Li Ke took the day’s turnover of 300 yuan to cleanse the family.


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