What is the most profitable Korean jewelry shop selling a monthly income of 50 thousand

hit drama in the Chinese market set off a Korean fashion, Korean, Korean, Korean hanbok, delicacy jewelry with unlimited market demand, the choice of business selling Korean jewelry is a very good choice, here we take a look at it.


2006, Ronaldinho to small business, the idea is clear. First of all, Ronaldinho for fashion goods is very understanding, moreover, Ronaldinho just travel to South Korea, for the local original jewelry culture. If you want to stand out in a crowd of fashion jewelry store in Guangzhou, must be different, so she decided to specialize in South Korea imported jewelry business.

for several trading companies, do only South Korea’s "smuggled goods" business, no licensed sales. Later, he established contact with South Korean enterprises simply through the Internet, through their offices in Chinese getting goods directly, finally achieved a multiplier effect.

The location of

to the decoration stage, and strive to create the atmosphere of Ronaldinho out of the ordinary. Ronaldinho believes that young people are the most coveted fresh, good products must be packed with good appearance, the first "color" took the role of people.

and, according to her international advertising company model, will store painted in pink and white hawthorn, the counter is set in the most inside, leaving a rich space for customers to customize products. She also made several large area of jewelry display board, far from the color gorgeous, very eye-catching.

"every year new products" is Ronaldinho to set their own purchase. The new product does not refer to the new product conversion per quarter, but to add new products every year". "The launch of new products can not only to the pursuit of" the first taste of the soup "profits, but also can determine their position in the hearts of the old customers, so that they feel we sell is always the latest products."

for this year, through the study hotspot of information network, Ronaldinho to choose fashion goods – colorful glasses. But Ronaldinho plans to purchase, accompanied by a friend to hold opposing views: colorful glasses, the price is too expensive, young customers can not accept. Ronaldinho insisted on their own ideas, new products and popular.

"jewelry shop to do is popular.

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