Yunnan female college students to divorce their own tuition fees problem

in life we as parents, raising children is not only a duty or an obligation, but rupture in a family, for the children’s education is can be ignored? Yunnan female college students because their parents after divorce to pay tuition and parents will be taken to court, request the return of gift money. 4, Kunming Anning City Court revealed that the hearing of this case in the hospital the day before.

female college students Xiaojuan’s parents because of emotional discord, in November 2010, the divorce agreement, the mother raised by Xiaojuan. After the divorce, both because of Xiaojuan’s upbringing and marriage problems such as division of property repeatedly in court, lead to the contradiction between the gap and the deepening.

Yunnan female college students’ parents divorced, his tuition problem, through the report after mediation by the judge, Xiaojuan finally agreed to Xiaojuan parents monthly pay for college tuition and living expenses during the period totaled 1500 yuan, up until Xiaojuan graduated from university. As parents no matter what their feelings, but for their obligations must be put off or not.

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