Poor college students to open DY restaurant into a boss

see a poor university is how to step into their own business, the good old saying, there is a way, as long as   rely on their own hard work and struggle, regardless of the identity of the background is low, can eventually rise head and shoulders above others.

"a school is the loan to pay tuition fees, only 300 yuan per month living expenses." In 2008, Tan Yun joined the school liaison department, to do computer sales at a mall in Shiqiaopu, each computer has 100 to 200 yuan commission. Tan Yun said that every weekend, he will leave at 7 in the morning to go to Shiqiaopu, not only to the mall to sell computers, but also pay attention to learn the computer assembly and maintenance. Subsequently, Tan Yun in the school set up a computer group service team, a semester earned 10000 yuan.

to about half, Tan Yun went to the mall a part-time sales TV, plus help computer tutor, school enrollment income, within a year he had saved 30 thousand yuan, make a pot of gold.

from creative work experience


Li Shu is here. Li Shu said with a smile, he used to do little housework, the results here after a few dishes, plus a chef’s advice, cooking greatly enhance. Winter vacation home to their parents a hand, do a table of dishes, don’t mention how proud.

skills learn management experience

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