Wage earners do not spend a penny to earn thousands of dollars to sell potatoes

when a lot of people are worried about the money to start a business, but it was not a penny spent on the day to achieve the purpose of earning thousands of dollars, which sounds somewhat incredible, but it is a real case. Next, we take a look at how the wage earners do not spend a penny to sell potatoes earn thousands of dollars.

a man graduated from high school and went to work, think it is not interesting, then pondering what to do. Once he went to the market to buy food he found inspiration. He found that the price of potatoes actually 2 yuan a pound, and fried out to eat when the taste is not very good.

then this guy home hired a car bought a car because potatoes are local people, mutual understanding, have promised to sell back again for payment. So, after the car went straight to the city, a family to send potatoes, one day, put the car sold potatoes. The plane to travel, on this day, earn 10000 yuan.

summary: when you are home to what specialty or not, what is the specialty of ordinary goods, as long as the price is low, and the city in which prices are high, can use this method, to talk about good buyers, to prepare the goods, is a very good choice.

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