Jing Rong Tianfu venture will enjoy creating dialogue of entrepreneurship opened the curtain in Che

is known as a new generation of "entrepreneurial Tianfu" in Chengdu has gradually become an important business base in western region, investors and entrepreneurs gather together for the Internet era the most potential business projects.

everyone Yupo most pull the eye

the influx of capital news frequently appear in newspapers VR, analysis of the industry in 2016 is expected to become the first year of the outbreak of virtual reality. Among them, everyone excellent Park and foot Rong experience alpine skiing project has become the focus of financial attention.

"same industry competition is fierce, we have the advantage of license plate recognition system with independent intellectual property rights, intellectual identification degree can reach more than 99%, and the same industry license plate recognition rate of about 95%." Liu Haifeng said, do not underestimate the proportion of only 4 percentage points higher than the industry, but it is the core competitiveness of the project. Because of the car, looking for parking spaces, looking for the car, searching for change to pay parking fees when parking is sort of trouble, especially the number of vehicles encountered in the export line to check out, the wait is so tough.

"users need only the micro signal, and the license plate number and binding after payment into and out of WeChat in the parking lot when the sweep, it can quickly complete the payment by WeChat, no longer need to rummage through change and waste a lot of time." According to reports, in addition to WeChat payment, the wisdom of parking solutions, but also have to find a nearby parking lot, parking spaces, reversing the car search function.

also in the roadshow scene attracted another project participants attention, is caused by the 29 year old Qian Hongyu "or Chengdu" experience of alpine skiing. Chinese project include VR line: Recommended

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