Hangzhou college students Pioneering Park Yuhang won the provincial business base recognition

Chinese college students are not lack of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and creative thinking, but the lack of appropriate opportunities and capital. With the construction of various types of College Students’ entrepreneurial base, the business opportunities for college students will be more and more.

since, Yuhang Park continues to accelerate the carrier construction, entrepreneurial space continues to expand. With the adjustment of industrial structure and economic transformation and upgrading, many private enterprises in our region gradually change the mode of operation, the use of the original plant and other fixed assets, investment in the establishment of college students entrepreneurship park. In 2014, the Hangzhou Automobile Industry Park Liangzhu students "" Hangzhou Normal University Science and Technology Park "was recognized as the district Students Pioneer park. In the future, human social security bureau will continue to be a good waiter, improve the park features, and promote public entrepreneurship, innovation ", to attract more college graduates to Yuhang employment, the Yuhang park is an ideal park for entrepreneurs.

Business park

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