Dessert to join the project selected Marilyn dessert

has always been a dessert with Western-style food is inseparable from the people in western countries have the habit of eating dessert after the meal, there are of course in our native China desserts, development so far, has not been a dessert catering accessories but a public dining consumer necessities.

talking about dessert may be a lot of people will think of Western food, think of the Western banquet on those delicate, beautiful desserts, pastries and ice cream. In fact, in the global diet culture expands rapidly and blend and today, dessert already transcended the traditional mode of development, become a branch of the global system of diet on the market with the fastest developing speed, the greatest development potential. In Chinese, there are a large number of outstanding dessert enterprises to rise, which is widely concerned by Marilyn dessert development momentum majestic atmosphere caused by industry. Marilyn dessert since 2011 began to set up headquarters in East China in Shanghai, China, since the beginning of the Chinese mainland to enter the grand blueprint of the dessert market.

Marilyn to open up the domestic market

dessert dessert put up a pageantry

has just entered the Chinese when Marilyn dessert or perhaps a little-known foreign brands. But this does not affect it as an international fashion dessert brand charm bloom. In just a few months time, in Shanghai, the international metropolis, Marilyn dessert has become the upper income class and elite white-collar workers as the main consumer favorite dessert. Then, Marilyn dessert quickly into Shanghai and its surrounding provinces and cities, and gradually established a base in eastern China’s industrial development base. Doing business as the march to war, pay attention to guide the overall situation done in one vigorous effort. Therefore, in 2012, Marilyn dessert in Guangzhou to set up a regional headquarters in Southern China. Then in 2013, in the capital of Beijing set up headquarters in North China also successfully opened.

had to say that in the last few years, the Chinese dessert market, there is no one brand can be like Marilyn dessert this year to maintain the pace of the establishment of a regional headquarters. In the vast expanse of the earth China, Marilyn dessert has gradually formed blossom everywhere situation, a series of excellent desserts it is completely penetrated into the Chinese people’s life, become a beautiful scenery on various occasions essential.

now, Marilyn dessert has established hundreds of chain stores in various regions of the country. Not only that, in order to further seize the China northern dessert market, Marilyn is also actively building a series of dessert terminals to improve support strategy, and strive to more lofty cooperation intention. You can imagine, there will be more in the future Marilyn dessert shop mushroomed up. China is a rising star in the dessert industry!

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