At the end of this month will start the 2015 Xinjiang youth employment service week

Xinjiang has a vast territory, located in the border area, the level of economic development has lagged behind the eastern region, innovation and entrepreneurship to the economic development of Xinjiang inject a shot in the arm, many young entrepreneurs will become the founder of the future development of Xinjiang area and successor.

pioneers face to face, youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship training camp will be buffet…… In the trend of entrepreneurial innovation peoples mass in the country, Xinjiang youth hit off will usher in a rare opportunity of employment. On November 23rd -27, 2015 Xinjiang youth employment service week   will start in Urumqi, the government set up the stage, enterprises to participate in the way, create a good atmosphere in the Xinjiang region’s employment, for the young entrepreneurs to broaden the employment path.

in addition, the employment service week to college graduates, minority youth, the two kinds of rural surplus labor force, laid-off workers and urban youth labor as the focus, to guide the youth entrepreneurship employment as the goal, for the young entrepreneurs, investors, government Park build a comprehensive and direct docking platform, access the required information and resources, so as to establish and promote youth entrepreneurship and employment and training system, to guide and help the majority of young people in employment training, enhance entrepreneurship to employment, promote employment in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial talent accomplishment, to promote the coordinated development of economy and society in Xinjiang, to promote make a contribution to social stability and long period of stability in Xinjiang.

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