Do hospital nutrition soup business does not make money what are the reasons

in such a new era, many people in order to make money in the market continue to seize the hot demand. Because of this, the month soup, soup entrance gradually fire up, Li eyes fixed on the hospital nutrition soup, fish soup, dove soup, pork ribs soup. But who would like to, he does not look at the temperature did not insist on more than two years, earn less than their hard money.

Xiao Li’s business is a real small business, the initial investment is only a thousand dollars. Jiujiang housing prices are not high, in the vicinity of the hospital to rent a house, the cost of only 200 yuan per month. After preparing some household kitchen tools began to operate. The first thing he thought of was how to get the people in the hospital to set up his own soup. He chose to print some cards.

printed on a small number of health knowledge, every week a printed Zaifa calendar card, so that potential customers will not be discarded after receiving the card. Li said a week chose to reissue a name card, because he understood the general patient’s hospitalization period is about a week. Xiao Li’s soup taste is also good, was recognized by the hospital patient. But why two years of his daily sales are still hovering at 300 yuan?

first, alone, difficult to expand. Mike only one business, buy raw materials, hair name card, send soup soup, he is a person, sometimes this will delay the time, although he will set the decoction time to adjust to one day in advance, but sometimes the customers do not want to. So in time he is not a good grasp of. Know the existence of such problems, but never think of ways to solve, with Mike’s words: This is a small business, a person doing it for the weekend holiday, children can help, usually do not want to hire a person, but also a cost.

comments: This is a lot of small business people think, never want bigger, never thought of hard work and earn money is proportional to. Don’t even have to count an account, what is the most appropriate, muddleheaded did think the sale of small good. Perhaps the most small business people do not want to increase spending, do not want to expand the scale of the status quo.

if, Li expand the scale, hire one or two long-term workers, it is impossible for two years without development. To know that the hospital’s patients do not care about the price of nutrition, return, the hospital’s patients are very recognized Xiao Li do soup, but his efficiency is difficult to accept. Hindered the development of his business.

secondly, soup and more, but ignore the patient’s family. As we all know, the hospital patients have the family caregiver, Mike only for customized patient nutrition soup, but ignore the patient’s family also need to eat the problem. Xiao Li did not want to increase other varieties? But he told reporters, now the price is too high, even if it is recommended

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