How to innovate anti corrosion Xiamen

our economic development is getting better and better, but after the material life has been greatly satisfied, some people’s corruption is very serious. However, the relevant local government must come up with policies for rectification, comprehensive management of social security is the cornerstone of the city’s economic and social development. In recent years, the city procuratorate in accordance with the law to crack down on all kinds of criminal offenses, to play professional advantages, based on the function of innovation mechanism, actively participate in the comprehensive management of social security work, and achieved good results.

combined with case study to promote the prevention of

in recent years, in the comprehensive management of social security, the city prosecutors focus on investigating corruption and bribery and malfeasance crime, adhere to carry out "case analysis" and "a case of a proposal", with emphasis on the investigation of criminal investigators to carry out analysis and prevention, especially the causes of pipe, environmental protection, urban management, Luqiao Department of car industry and systematic case in-depth analysis of the characteristics of crime, and puts forward the preventive countermeasures.

at the same time, the city prosecutors to carry out crime prevention survey of government procurement, engineering construction, city management, environmental protection, agriculture and benefit farmers and other fields, and promote the industry governance. For example, the special investigation report on urban management law enforcement, municipal leaders have attached great importance to the requirements of urban management law enforcement agencies to plug loopholes, active rectification, strengthen industry supervision and control, to build a good system.

strengthen government cooperation to promote joint prevention

crime prevention, from the source to reduce the occurrence of corruption crime, the need for the prosecution of the crime prevention work and social governance innovation.

2015 in September, the first municipal government and municipal people’s Procuratorate held a joint meeting, informed the two laws convergence, the investigation and prevention of job-related crimes, research collaboration to promote crime prevention work, establish the administrative law and the procuratorial supervision work interaction mechanism. All levels of government departments and procuratorial organs duty crime prevention, collaboration to promote the two laws convergence mechanism, explore the public interest litigation and the prosecution of illegal administrative supervision and correction work mechanism. In May 18th this year, the two sides once again held a joint inspection office will discuss the interaction of special work, investigation and prevention of job-related crimes, to build a long-term mechanism for permanent preservation.

to broaden the social field to comprehensively deepen the prevention of

promote the depth of prevention of major projects, the city is the procuratorial organ to carry out prevention work of innovative practices around the central task of the party and the overall situation of economic construction, the southeast international shipping center synchronization prevention project is the Supreme People’s Procuratorate included in the national one hundred key project supervision.

promote the prevention recommendation

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