Ningbo special promotion will be organized to encourage Pro personnel

for some special populations, the government should play a role, so that these people will have a better future life planning. This afternoon, the city of Ningbo spring prison joint Ningbo employment management service bureau held a special employment promotion, the main object is to look at the spring prison staff. Promotion will be the first to introduce entrepreneurial elements.

promotion includes innovative micro film appreciation of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial story sharing, employment and entrepreneurship policy advocacy, employment consulting business consulting, career guidance and other links.

in the entrepreneurial story sharing session, the organizers invited a similarly special employment groups of people with disabilities, he shared his entrepreneurial story. The courage and determination of the disabled entrepreneurs, difficulties and setbacks encountered, the success and joy of harvest, won the presence of the prisoners of applause.

at the same time, the person in charge of the employment department in Ningbo also to the inmates interpret the country’s employment, entrepreneurship policy, as well as the recent introduction of Ningbo employment and entrepreneurship support policies. Pro personnel on issues of concern with the relevant experts and the person in charge of the exchange.

inmates Xiaoyuan 29 years old this year, after more than half a year after it. Xiao Yuan graduated from an art school, learning is a professional design, before serving a product designer in Ningbo. Xiao Yuan said that about to return to society, he is full of desire for the future life, but also worry. He admitted that, after all, imprisonment for three years, he is not sure whether the community can accept him; in addition, the social change is too fast, the past three years, the outside world is full of unknown.

small Yuan said that compared to find a job, he is more inclined to start their own business. He likes to design, especially for animation design is very interested in, he hopes to set up their own animation design studio. He is very pleased that the government can organize such employment promotion, which means that the community has not abandoned him. He hopes to learn from the promotion of some support policies for entrepreneurs, Ningbo animation market information, etc..

"then marry a wife, get married and live like that," said yuan.

like Xiao Yuan, participate in the promotion of the inmates are full of hope for the re employment, entrepreneurial road is full of hardships, but by virtue of the "return of the prodigal son" perseverance, will succeed.

of course, this special promotion will not be held for the first time, and the first few results are very significant. It is understood that in the first three sessions of the promotion, hope spring prison has 521 inmates to participate, including the signing of the employment intention of the 285 inmates. Ningbo Employment Service Bureau Public Employment Services section chief Gong Gaofeng said, because many inmates have entrepreneurial dreams, so this year’s introduction will be the first to introduce entrepreneurial elements, I believe the effect will not be bad.

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