The supermarket is outside rent gold treasure shop here Qiantu

watch, all will be found in a large supermarket at the entrance, there will be some supermarkets leased area, these areas can be said to be the golden place is where investors value. Now the supermarket is the first choice for many people outside the shop to open the address, however, the supermarket is not the right to rent all the business projects are appropriate, it is necessary to take a look at those projects to choose a supermarket outside the rent shop!

during the holidays can also trying to attract guests with coupons, and then try to exchange cash, this is a source of wealth can not be ignored. The disadvantage is the high fees, rent stores generally too small, because the business a long time there may be a need to shift the salesperson, the types of goods business sometimes need to listen to the supermarket management can not be independent and so on.

to supermarket customers generally do not want to buy high commodity prices, so in this position is to operate the price is easy for everyone to accept the goods, to the pursuit of every opening frequency. A good salesman is a very important thing here. If the salesman performance will do things carelessly, every day a lot worse, losing money is can hardly be avoided.


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