How to make good use of the nternet business platform marketing

The rapid development of

Internet, the traditional catering industry operators, this is the best of times, it was the worst of times, to be successful experience, we must continue to innovate, adapt to the changing times, grasp the advantages of the Internet marketing is the key to do the store.

1. the Internet is a tool to take advantage of it. Internet thinking is a tool, it is easy to learn, but not to mention a tool can hold up an industry. Each industry are not the same, we don’t love every day to find the outlet on the entrepreneur, that the fire which industry do what entrepreneurs are basically fodder, really stick in a valuable talent industry for many years. China food does not need too much resources docking, but the need for practical using the Internet tools to each node and re process, complete the reconstruction experience.

2, love service, know the people, there is entertainment thinking. In fact, all sorts of things Chongqing small noodles to join the shop, very hard, people want to know how to do service to people, to let the consumer experience feel good, the brand is based on trust.

the two points above are two of the most basic, in the process of Chongqing small noodles store actually takeaway business in many businesses have a doubt, TMD is required, and is favorable to the distribution is cheap, better packaging, which is the most important, in the end how to read these cognitive science? Please see the following analysis.

1. speed, taste, price is the focus of each. Lunch just need 2 hours of time, the ability to quickly eat, get more rest time is a lot of work needs. If your home Chongqing small noodles are hard to swallow, how many people are willing to try, or even two times to buy about the same price, your home Chongqing small noodles is 1.2 times that of others by what? Give users a reason to buy, otherwise please carefully consider the information surrounding competitors.

In fact, each point

speed, taste, price can become the consumer memory highlights, alone do a thing a lot of explosion of nirvana. However, under the existing conditions, things are known to buy goods than three. So follow a principle, I have no people, I have fine, the play is quick step.

2. low price is not a brand, a good brand is brought traffic. Many businesses do not know a little, I put the price to the lowest I do not believe it is not my competitors. This approach is tantamount to doing. Do not give me to say who who made a lot of money, money is right, there is a premise that his product is certainly good, otherwise the customer has no loyalty. No matter how good the brand can not pull a garbage product, a good brand is brought traffic.

3. merchants and platforms are bundled interests. A correct understanding of the role of the platform, understanding between the platform and the merchant’s recommendation

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