How to repair the barber shop

each shop belongs to different industries, the nature of the decoration will be different, so if you want to attract more consumers, naturally also need to have a suitable decoration. So, how to decorate the barber shop?

, a commodity display showcase

barber shop Showcase Display of goods should be placed in the right door, light as the main high-grade as well. Human visual 45 degrees, the display of goods is the most easy to sell you, take away the goods, often change goods. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent the commodity failure, deterioration. Swing high-end, brand-name goods, will improve the store grade.

two, shop style

according to the decorative style of the barber shop to show the culture, professional atmosphere, allowing customers to accept and recognize the store’s business philosophy, while drawing a business project, the price, so that customers at a glance. The determination of style must be different from other peers. Appropriate celebrity pictures highlight the level of corporate culture.

three, customer seat

barber shop customer seat requirements concise and lively, comfortable, clean. Can see TV, picture, distance just.

four, store color

allows customers to feel relaxed, comfortable, warm, and have a sense of trust, security, then the store is more important in the shop, dark color will make people feel uneasy, irritable, mood swings, can not sit down. In short, the store must tone light, the main light.

five, operating area

barber shop is the direct operation of the customer service area, the requirements of loose, clean, comfortable, but also taking into account the convenience of customers, smooth. Music with a certain tone to play in beta, elegant classical music is better. The mirror should be bright, the chair, the bed should be exquisite, the shape must be unique, the color must unify.

above the small list are in need of some of the details, we attach great importance to the success in short, if we want to open a barber shop, all of the above work also need to pay attention to, so that it can really make a good hot business, earn more wealth for themselves.

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