Shanxi the new program to encourage entrepreneurship to stimulate the vitality of innovation

venture there is a big risk, which makes a lot of people hesitate to work in the dilemma of entrepreneurship. To encourage entrepreneurship, Shanxi launched a new policy support, "on" and "off" can start.

2015 in December 28th, the Shanxi provincial government issued the "implementation plan" to vigorously promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship support to build distinctive initiatives, cultivation and activation of innovation and entrepreneurship, and provide financial guidance and other full support.

the premise to allow and encourage universities, research institutes and professional and technical personnel in state-owned enterprises to complete the task of the unit arrangement under the working business, personal income in all. From business, the consent of the original unit, can keep the human relations in 3 years. Colleges and universities research institutes and the transfer of state-owned enterprises and the transformation of the invention results of net income, science and technology personnel according to the proportion of at least 50% to participate in the research and development and transformation and the team has started; enterprises and using patented technology or technological achievements as investment for shares, the registered capital of the company at a maximum amount of up to 70%.

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