The nternational Conference of Xiamen doctors laparoscopic surgery platform figure

With the continuous development of economy and the continuous improvement of science and technology, medical technology has made great progress in

. This time, in the International Congress of endoscopic surgery platform, Xiamen doctor style show, made an important speech. The following and small series to find out the specific details.

6 month 15 days to 19 days, the twenty-fourth session of the international conference held in Holland Amsterdam laparoscopic surgery. This represents the highest level of international conference by the European laparoscopic Endoscopic Surgery Association (EAES) held the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University Dean Professor Jiang Jie was invited to make presentations at the conference.

it is understood that, including Professor Jiang Jie, the Chinese experts at the meeting to speak only 3 people. This is the International Congress of endoscopic surgery platform first appeared in Xiamen doctor figure, issued the strongest voice belongs to the medical community in Xiamen, and even the whole country thoracoscopic field "".


case data informative and promising cited foreign experts concerned about

it is understood that this conference participants from more than and 50 countries and regions around the world, the number of up to more than 2 thousand people, with a total of 6 branches, the world’s top experts were the general assembly to speak. Professor Jiang Jie was invited to give a keynote speech on "video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery under 3D and 2D in esophageal cancer surgery.". His speech aroused great interest of foreign friends, have a question, Italy, Egypt and other countries, experts also hope to further exchanges, put forward to Xiamen field communication intention.

professor Jiang Jie told reporters that last year, he served as delegates to participate in the last session of the general assembly. He found that the first hospital in 3D thoracoscopic surgery has accumulated considerable foundation and experience, with the basis of international exchanges. This year, after seeing the conference information, Professor Jiang Jie team prepared 3 academic articles submitted, of which 2 were selected.

"our patient and practice opportunities, the data collected, the refined form of database, will be of great value. These can not be done abroad." He said that in the future will be this advantage, resources to enhance and expand, through information capture, strengthen multi-channel academic exchanges, such as the international conference, to participate in international multi center clinical research, etc..

European Association for endoscopic surgery is one of the world’s three largest mirror Association, is a development of endoscopic surgery physicians and related personnel to provide training, organizing annual meeting and the promotion of scientific research and academic organizations, is committed to continuously improve the level of laparoscopic surgery. Professor Jiang Jie said, to communicate with foreign colleagues also expanded the field of vision, advanced equipment, advanced technology and innovative thinking makes him very inspired by the hope that some of the application of advanced concepts and technologies in clinical practice.

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