How about imported snacks What about profit

petty life is now many people are advocating advocating, advocating petty life, imported snacks essential, so, how to import the snack shop? Profit? May wish to understand!

now imported snacks is a very popular topic, so, how to import the snack shop profits? For imported snacks do not understand people, see imported snacks business is hot, but also want to join, then come to you to analyze how the imported snack bar profits

shapes of the lollipop, magic beans, riotous with colour fragrant fruit, peculiar shape of the biscuit…… These exotic taste of foreign leisure snacks, not only the children like, in adults is also more popular, and therefore attracted many entrepreneurs to join them.


import in many snack shop to see the snack shop take a more comprehensive attack route, operating hundreds of varieties, including chocolate, candy, candied fruit, people see dazzling. Business and snack are delicious, good fun. Some slightly higher prices of candies or cookies, with exquisite shapes and small jar is installed, key shaped, the shape of an elephant, Sunny Doll shape…… After eating the candy, the small pot can also be used as a piggy bank, and some put money into the music will ring. In addition, there are some more exotic varieties, such as the shape of a packet of chocolate, a collection of cola, etc..

see, into the store to buy a young female most, followed by parents of children. What is the profit of the snack bar? A woman took out 50 yuan, bought a bunch of bright colors, adorable rainbow sugar, cotton candy, chocolate, she said: "I love to eat snacks, see these lovely shape, will not suppress the impulse to buy."

import in a snack shop, a purchase of imported chocolate the young men said, he usually do not eat snacks, buy chocolate for his girlfriend.


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