How to open a laundry in the enclosed area

in recent years, the rapid development of the laundry industry, showing amazing business opportunities. Reporters learned that washing more and more investors choose to open the laundry in the new residential area, but often see the laundry on the transfer of information in the newspaper, is to open the laundry in the residential area of the most.

closed the laundry area, is a very meticulous work, is also a great management difficulty. There are a lot of washing industry friends for the district how to better develop the washing service feel can not do anything, I am here on my own experience, and puts forward some views, hope to have friends in need can help in this regard.

1, the initial investment, to understand the number of residential areas, income levels, cultural levels, the surrounding business environment. As detailed as possible, these basic conditions, you will have a very important impact on investment judgments. General income is too low for the residents to open a larger scale of investment in the laundry, only to facilitate laundry, low cost of public laundry as an investment direction.

2, after opening, for each into the store customers, establish a relatively sound customer files. Content can include: telephone number, occupation, age, birthday, the date of each consumption, family, etc.. The aim is to provide better service to customers. Because, in your business process, each customer is a very valuable wealth. For example, there are only 2000 households in the District, then you may be the customer resources of these 2000 families, lost one, then you lost an income.

3, for customers, I do not advocate equally. There is a social background of the customer, of course, to be treated differently, because more than 80% of your income may be brought about by these people. For these customers, a detailed account of the importance of the file is reflected!

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