Factors affecting Fuzhou youth entrepreneurship report released

in the precise help for entrepreneurs before, first of all need to understand what entrepreneurs need. An antidote against the disease can effectively solve the problem of entrepreneurship, to accelerate the pace, promote the success probability of emerging entrepreneurs.


funds are second major factors that plagued the city youth entrepreneurship. According to the survey, most entrepreneurs are willing to venture capital of 100 thousand yuan and below, most people would like to bank loans. But in fact the size of funds in the initial stage of "burn" difficult to maintain. The survey suggested that the government should improve the credit mechanism, the implementation of entrepreneurship protection mechanism for start-ups tax relief or discount, to help young people and reduce business risk.

effective experience, funding, training team, these four aspects to take measures to guide, to seize the business pain points, to allow more entrepreneurs to enhance entrepreneurial skills, and enhance confidence, open up their own career path.

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