Do the catering industry for three

The prosperity of the catering industry

so many investors to join in this industry, however, as people become of food hygiene to the higher level, and increasingly fierce competition, the countless businesses eventually ended in failure. Here, Xiao Bian will want you to do the necessary analysis of the catering industry three points.

right and visionary location

area next to it, the rent is cheap a large margin, but the source, the key is only the weekend before may have a little business. Can you think of Ms. Zhu, to rest, he must love the market to buy some vegetables for the family to eat, rarely patronize the hotel. Look at the existing residential hotel, most of the business is not followed, the price is high, the vicious cycle of quality decline. Want to know after Ms. Zhu saw an opportunity in the subway set off a small restaurant features, less than a year, the business is on track, to recover the investment and start making money.

realistic creative selling

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