The measures of optimizing financial service in Panzhihua

the economic development of a region can not be separated from each other’s cooperation and support. This time, Panzhihua to optimize the local financial services to take relevant measures to promote the city’s economic development. The following and small series of specific understanding of the specific policies introduced in Panzhihua.

it is understood that this year, our city based on the original steady growth of 26 measures, introduced to promote the industrial economy steady growth of 18 measures to help enterprises respond to the downtown pressure on the economy, promote the stable growth of industrial economy.

for the implementation of our city the steady growth measures, the financial institutions with its own operating characteristics, optimize the management idea, increase the assets, liabilities and internal and external business restructuring, pay attention to the construction of information system and network technology, and deepening the "Internet plus" fusion, relying on online banking, mobile phone banking and other new terminal, expand the service entity economic channels and fields. Optimization of financial services, and actively promote financial innovation, and do a good job in the weak links of financial services, a total of 14 billion 514 million yuan for small and micro enterprises continue to apply for loans, the city’s banking small and micro Loans Balance of $29 billion 320 million.

to further optimize the credit structure, adhere to the "enterprise policy", the disposal of non-performing loans by increasing efforts to revitalize the bad assets, industrial restructuring and upgrading projects and strategic emerging industries move more credit resources. Currently, industrial restructuring and upgrading projects and strategic emerging industries two loans were $5 billion 965 million, $4 billion 899 million, an increase of 3 billion 514 million yuan compared to the beginning of the year, $2 billion 758 million.

Internet plus era, many enterprises to adapt to the development needs of the times, have made great progress. However, there are a lot of areas, the development of the economy there is a big defect, hindered the development of the economy. Panzhihua actively according to its own defects, the introduction of relevant measures to optimize financial services, hoping to effectively promote the local economic development.

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