What’s the frog called dry pot

food and beverage consumers are people, then your food and beverage products to meet the needs of different ages, different regions of consumers. What kind of catering brands can meet these requirements? The frog called dry pot in.

"frog called" formerly known as Sichuan Chengdu courtyard, founded in 1998, with duck lips dry pot. Founded in 2001 in Nantong, the old house Hot pot, Peru bullfrog dry pot, duck lips dry pot, with its crisp tender, smooth, delicious aroma, aftertaste entrance channeling taste in the city. And in 2006 in Nanjing and the Sichuan Super Master co-founder of Hot pot seasoning called dry pot in. The frog called dry pot in the store in the country has 150 companies to first-tier cities, small county has a frog called dry pot’s..

frog called dry pot in about

frog called dry pot’s products than other more than half pot brand Wok Grilled Bullfrog, dry pot duck lips, dry pot chicken giblets, dry pot open side dry pot shrimp, goose, goose wings, dry dry pot pot broth, dry pot ribs, dry pot lobster, dry pot eel etc.. Not only provide the rich features of dry pot, also featured the popular treasure pot series, Sichuan specialty dish series and authentic Sichuan halogen series, operation process and industrial processing of raw materials through the standard procedures, from products to quality and technology to taste has been enhanced and comprehensive integration.

student: often called frog dry pot is delicious, cheap, and clean

: Call of the franchisee to join in dry pot for 2 years, the average annual turnover of hundreds of thousands.

: the elderly frog called dry pot not only eat very nutritious, cooking is also good health.

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