To reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial quality pillow

stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, first of all to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship, Nanjing in the continuous optimization of entrepreneurial environment for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to reduce the threshold for entrepreneurship, to ensure the quality of entrepreneurship.

to enhance the service level of the window, the city and Social Council revised the window appraisal system, formulate the relevant incentives, and encourage the window units introduced their own incentive rules, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff work window for the public service, striving for excellence. At the same time, continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, improve the frequency of electronic inspections and on-site supervision work, found the problem promptly notify the window unit correction. Last year found irregularities in 107, and timely feedback to the offices (unit) rectification; annual telephone complaints since 12, after the visit, the complainant of the satisfaction rate was 100%.

returnees initial capital demand. In the city and Social Council’s help, Chen Shaoqing won the business loans of nearly one million yuan of funds to solve the tense situation, the early start, the rapid development of enterprises, last year won the "Chinese Chong wing" youth entrepreneurship innovation contest award third "blade runner; Jiangsu science and technology entrepreneurship competition" cultural and creative enterprise group second etc.. 2015 turnover exceeded 4 million yuan, planning next year in the new three board listing.

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