Tastes good name to create a good business shop

to the shop name, different people have a different understanding, some people think as long as the novelty is enough, as long as it can attract consumers can, however, if the name is too vulgar, even attract consumers also unable to obtain approval. The name can be very elegant, very profound, can also be very ordinary, very straightforward, can express the owner of the business philosophy, can attract customers to win business, recently found for the featured name, name and tastes a lot, these shops have a common characteristic: the business is very good.

came to the city before the sand Street No. 100, see a man named Alayavijnana shop, simple facade, several Alaya characters make people understand its meaning, curiosity increased. According to the shop owner Mr. Chen, the store has more than one shareholder, one of which is Hongkong people believe in buddhism. In fact, Alaya is a Buddhist term, representative of the "eighth consciousness", "according to Buddhism, the eighth consciousness (Alaya) is the life of the" seed "." The unusually hot vegetarian restaurant, "and we may have a name, almost all to eat people will ask" what is the meaning of Araye. "." Mr. Chen said.

Duanzhou city two road, a barber shop called "actress", the clerk told reporters, near the customer said that this was a good barber shop, remember! Public Miss Li believes that this name sounds very friendly, very funny, played a seemingly random, but it is easy to remember. "This name let customers feel is’ actor ‘, very much."

many people Cafe located in the city of Lake Bay District, is a modern decoration of the main coffee shop. The owner of Mr. Jiao said to reporters, this is because the partner more coffee shop. We have a total of 38 partners, I am just one of them, some partners invested only $3 thousand. Our idea is to put a little bit of a lot of people, money, a little bit of time, a little bit of wisdom, a little talent together, eventually many littles make a mickle."

so, if really want to help the development of shop shop business, not only eye-catching can, also need real analysis from the public point of view, let the name do tastes, help this will store business development.

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