Do rural Taobao partner to join the village Amoy entrepreneurial tide

Internet electricity supplier began to enter the countryside, which for the majority of rural entrepreneurs is a rare opportunity to embark on this venture ship, there will be more entrepreneurial youth embarked on a new road to riches.


in the village service station, local villagers can not only realize online to buy daily necessities, household appliances, agricultural supplies, clothing and footwear products can be sold to local students, agricultural products, agricultural products, agricultural products and specialty products on the Internet, water, electricity, coal, communications or courier on behalf of transceiver, hotel reservation the car, train, plane, ticket booking, support agricultural products online sales, enjoy the convenience of "business". According to reports, the recruitment meeting is very competitive, the 785 players will sign up through auditions interview, inspection tasks, such as business phone re layers of selection of links, 50 players can be selected to become rural Taobao partner.

"a qualified partner to have a good Internet thinking ability, and good learning ability, communication skills and teamwork ability." Hu Bingyang, head of the rural area of Hainan Province, told reporters Taobao.

50 rural Taobao partner named

"I will complete the inspection work actively, strive to become a member of the Taobao partner in." The return of college students through the first round match Haocheng primaries after the interview, look forward to join the ranks of Taobao partner in his hometown in rural development, not only can realize their entrepreneurial dreams, but also can benefit the folks, feel very happy. It is reported that the 50 Taobao partner rural were selected, the Alibaba will provide for the computer, TV, shop signs, held the first phase of the rural Taobao partner Kai flight training in hardware, technology, business, logistics and other aspects, given a full range of comprehensive services and support, help partners quickly open up the market.

"Taobao rural village shop in cultivation at the same time, also provide a good business platform for the local villagers." Lingshui County Bureau of Commerce Chen Haiqiang said. Lingshui is the first pilot county Alibaba in Hainan officially settled in this project, to promote rural economic development has also attracted many outstanding talents to rural entrepreneurship, will be Lingshui’s "Internet plus agriculture" construction fire.

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