How to recruit college graduates in the graduation season

July has come, the number of college graduates officially left the campus, however, there is no clear fixed work, the future does not know where to develop the number of college graduates is also extremely large. What needs to be done for college graduates after graduation? Guangzhou Panyu District talent office to give you a clear guide.

entered in July, many college graduates into the community. Some graduates choose to take the traditional path of employment, some graduates have chosen the path of their own business, and some still do not find their own way. According to statistics, the number of college graduates in Guangdong this year, 534 thousand people, an increase of more than more than 20 thousand people in 2015, plus graduates from Guangdong Province to apply for jobs, the total number of more than nearly 800 thousand people in 2015. College graduates employment situation is still very grim. It is understood that this year, nearly 8000 College graduates.

graduated, you need to handle what procedures, want to find a job for graduates can participate in what activities to increase employment opportunities, or want to start business graduates can participate in what activities more entrepreneurial policy? In order to do a good job in the work of the graduates of our district, Panyu District Talent Exchange Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the District Talent Office) to take a series of measures to employment and entrepreneurship, to help graduates solve the employment problem as soon as possible.

timely registration procedures

district personnel agency staff to remind, college graduates are busy with internships or looking for work at the same time, do not forget to apply for the registration procedures for graduates. It is understood that the District Personnel Office in July to carry out easy to report, no service as the theme of the graduate Service Month activities, from the beginning of July 1st, the whole month does not leave for college graduates to apply for registration procedures. Panyu students of college graduates from the school to receive the "report card", with the "report card" to the district office personnel agency department (Shi Qiao Ping Kang Lu Desheng Plaza four floor) check-in.

college graduates should be how to apply for registration procedures? If you want to go to the district office to handle the "report card" the name of the name of what? District Office personnel agency staff said that Panyu students (including Da Gang, Tung Chung, Lam nuclear) college graduates, "report card" is the rise of "Guangzhou City College Graduates Employment Guidance Center" and "Guangzhou city human resources and Social Security Bureau of Guangzhou City Bureau of education" and "Guangzhou Panyu District city human resources and Social Security Council" "Guangzhou Education Bureau of Panyu District City, and Guangzhou city in a corporate name (for graduates receiving procedures in the District Personnel Office), directly to the District Department of personnel agency personnel do check-in. If it is in my area of institutions graduates, to the District Bureau of human resources and social security department for the deployment report.

district office personnel agency Department reminded the graduates must remember to bring together the "report card", the original ID card, recommended in the process of registration formalities

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