Open jewelry store to touch the way

in fact, entrepreneurship is not a good hit, even so, the myth of entrepreneurship is also staged every day, but how can we have the same success as their own market?

stone mode supermarket model price model international model

model barried

stone pattern originated in Guangzhou stone, known as the peak of 1000 stores, now general development;


We should first choose the suitable mode to open the shop

if funds are limited, I recommend barried model; this model not much money, little store, category is simple, pay attention to hair experience and service; in this case, hair model, it is best not to do independent storefront, the success rate is not high; the ideal is to store shopping malls or shopping center supermarket or pool other people only place, you know, the process itself is a kind of show hair, more people watching the show, more people try, the turnover rate is higher; on the other hand, shopping malls and other customers to bring up is very suitable for



barried because the service is free, so do not need too many customers, a dish hair model shop every day if customers door, it is not far away from the business, a lot of dish hair model shop for a year do not go on, every day is free, but what do you do?

in order to put the area separated from the customers, dish hair model shop be sure not to introduce a few yuan goods, the introduction of what prices will bring what kind of care.

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