Pet shop should pay attention to what business philosophy

pet shop is a good way to open up investment, and now more and more pets, choose a good brand shop can get a good income. So, pet shop business, what business philosophy to pay attention to it? Xiao Bian for us to do some introduction.

pet shop business philosophy needs to have a pet shop, pet shop for good decoration. The pet shop area residents attitude directly determines the operation of local pet pet shop. The customer’s impression of pet shops mainly from the store decoration and environment. In general, the first 3 seconds of the customer’s purchase of the store will determine the consumer behavior. Pet shop how to operate? Not suitable for the store and decoration will directly affect the pet store business.

pet shop how to operate? Pet store business location is very important, first of all operators to consider the characteristics of pet owners crowd. Because of some luxury pet owners are driving with their pet over consumption and therefore the choice of shops to consider consumer parking facilities. Secondly, there are a lot of places where pets are prohibited through

line, the site must be taken into account when this point. Pet shop how to operate? If there is a pet care services, we must take into account the sound of the pet will interfere with the normal life of the neighbors.

pet store business to invest a certain amount of money, take a simple small pet shop, pet shop how to operate? Investment cost of 100 thousand yuan for pavement decoration and related equipment purchase; 30 thousand yuan for 4 months (quarterly pay plus one month deposit) rent expense; 40 thousand yuan for the first purchase distribution; in addition, 10 thousand yuan for the clerk salary, promotion and other miscellaneous fees; the remaining 30 thousand yuan for transfer.

pet shop how to operate? After the pet shop has been built, the pet shop culture and personnel management is the core of the pet store’s internal operations, on the one hand, professional skills on the other hand is the sense of service.

above is about pet shop business ideas introduced in the hope that the franchisee can have some simple inspiration. The pet store franchisees who only carried out a detailed understanding, know the brand project meaning, understand how to operate in this way can we make the business better, want to join the shop, have a detailed understanding of it!

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