What are the 4 major projects to return home to do poineering work recommended

now the vast rural areas of the business in the form can be said to be a good, at the same time, there are also many a person with breadth of vision in rural areas began to return home business, is also a hot item, some entrepreneurs next, we take a look at.

in the home new year bustling, home business has also become a large number of home wandering thinking and discussion, in the determined home business at the moment, the problem immediately came home business to do what?

A, the ecological agriculture is modern agriculture in the new

Nuggets point

released in a number of organizations, including the 3A business report business report, join the project has a very major market share, which belongs to the field of extremely popular. Data show that each year the new entrepreneurs, to join the agency as an entrepreneurial project crowd probably accounted for more than 40% of the proportion.

three, the use of their own experience and resources, business services

many home business people in the city are mostly in the manufacturing industry and service industry, so they returned home after using during the work experience, ability, capital, information, social capital, development of business services, investment goods of agricultural management.

with ALI and other Internet trade with him, to open a shop online shopping agent, to help the village agricultural supplies; online shopping, help agricultural products distributors are for trading products by alipay. The specific needs of the foreign consumer market channels recommended

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