Sincere shop can usher in more repeat customers

how to shop? This is the current number of retail stores are thinking about the problem. Moreover, in the end how should operate, each owner will have their own views. My little shop in the countryside, shop for more than a decade, I have a large number of fixed customers, many of whom are loyal lifelong customers. In the years of operation, in addition to my integrity, but also with their enthusiasm and sincerity, won the trust and support of customers.

once, while off-duty husband at home, I went out to do something, and come back to find one on the counter next to the advent of the peanut milk disappeared, immediately asked the husband. My husband told me that the neighbor sister-in-law had just bought, said to go out to visit relatives. "Why don’t you look at the date and sell it?" I blame my husband. "How can I know the advent, and sister-in-law did not ask the date."

husband wronged said. "Because of this, we should be responsible for customer trust on us, not because the integrity of the image of a future milk hit our many years in the minds of customers to establish." Said, I put a new date of peanut milk in a hurry to sister home, sister-in-law also go ok. With the sister-in-law explain and apologized for the advent of peanut milk, sister-in-law to me move quite touched. Since then, my sister-in-law has become not only the hardcore customer, also became my store for me to pull free lunches, a lot of repeat customers.

One evening in

two years ago, the village Zhang to work through, to the store to buy a bottle of wine, "the old village" can’t wait to open the bottle, look at what the prize. "Ah, good luck, is a bottle of Sprite 2L!" Zhang was very happy again with the bottle in the bottle on the buckle. Won the prize, after paying the money, Zhang brought wine to go out, just turn around, just listen to "bang", the bottle dropped on the floor and fell to pieces, the wine spilt all over the floor. "I’m sorry. I’m glad to be here. I forgot to open the bottle cap. I’ll clean it up for you!" "It doesn’t matter. I’ll do it myself." I found the mop, dustpan, pick up broken bottles, mop.

, get me another bottle." Zhang said, and handed over 10 yuan. "This bottle of wine is me, as I did not timely to remind you." I waved his hand, confiscate his money. "That how line, originally is my own responsibility, how can let you lose?" Zhang was determined to give money to show common.

"wine is broken in my shop, how can you lose? Well, I open the wine, the wine to you, to me when I was a prize, and try your luck!" Before Zhang talk, I picked up a bottle of "old village" will open the lid. "Wow! Is a bag of old village pumping paper, see, I have good luck!" I mean to say. "The boss good luck certainly good heart!" Zhang gave me a thumbs up.

Since then,

has become a frequent visitor to my store, except

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