Open up alternative industries to win amazing wealth opportunities

now, want to get a good job, it is not a simple matter. Intense competition for employment, wage income is small, independent business seems to be a good choice. Many American entrepreneurs to use their brains, open up alternative industries, providing a variety of services from the tornado guide, aerial courtship to medical simulation dolls and other services.

2001, Tiger Boris resigned as FedEx sales manager positions, the establishment of a brokerage firm in Losangeles, limb model". The recruitment model, she washed the car in the supermarket and advertising, 1000 people apply for the interview results.

"physical model" business, is expected this year to $600 thousand in revenue, on the basis of last year growth of 23%. Tiger Boris usually signed only with a perfect body model, but with the business expansion, also began to sign some body parts no beauty manikin.

in selling magic "customer is God in the market, any service may become a commodity, even if this is the magic or witchcraft.

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