Shanghai proposed new ideas to cut off the blood vessels

is now more and more rapid development of science and technology, to bring great changes in people’s lives, recently in Shanghai, a good news for patients with cancer is very happy. East China Normal University yesterday announced that the School researchers pioneered a new idea for the use of inorganic oxygen consumption in the treatment of cancer hunger, for the traditional tumor hunger therapy injected new vitality.

cut off blood vessels to starve cancer cells

so-called "cancer hunger therapy", is to cut off the tumor vessels, starve cancer cells. But the theory has been dogged by its harsh demands on inorganic materials. In 1971, Harvard University professor Forkman first proposed to cut off the tumor, starve the cancer cell theory: no vascular tumor, a month even 1 mm long, with vascular tumor in 3 days can be long to the original volume of 16000 times — "tumor" and "vascular" relationship "tree" and "root", "fish" and "water", "blood vessel" is tumor vital, destroy or remove the tumor vasculature, tumor mortality. Starve the cancer cells of this new idea, new anticancer therapy, close, let the world for human cancer and ultimately overcome the rush about telling the news around spreading. Since then, scientists from all over the world have invested a lot of manpower and financial resources to carry out research and development in this area. The United States has shown that about 10% of cancer patients will naturally disappear in the tumor, and the phenomenon of rare recurrence, the fundamental reason for the natural regression of cancer, it is the destruction of tumor vessels.

unfortunately, due to the "tumor hunger therapy" on the demanding requirements of inorganic materials, to meet the needs of tumor tissue specificity, the oxygen consumption capacity, vascular occlusion persistence, injectable, good biocompatibility, inorganic materials currently used for tumor therapy can not be hungry.

new treatment can be achieved by cutting off the blood vessels of the tumor, so that cancer cells are not available, will naturally play a role in control. Finally, it can be safely metabolized out of the body, which can overcome the difficult problem of medical inorganic material degradation and biological toxicity in vivo. This work provides a new method for the preparation of new functional nano materials, and provides a new way for the treatment of tumor starvation.

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