Cigarette retail households do a good job of cigarette sales to grasp what links

for any one owner, in fact, want to do a good job, however, the sale of goods is often composed of many links. Only the work of each link to do in place, which can ensure that the product sales. The import, sale and storage of goods is an important link in the circulation of commodities. The three are interdependent and interconnected.

purchase is the basis, is the guarantee of sales, sales is a reflection of inventory, inventory is the basis for continued sales. The cigarette as a special commodity is no exception, in cigarette sales, grasp the import and sales of each link is to maintain a good consumer groups, ensure normal operation, enhance competitiveness and improve economic efficiency. As a front-line staff, to help the majority of retail customers to operate a good cigarette, access to more profitable is our responsibility and obligation, but also our time to think about the problem.

through the research and communication of business performance to cigarette retail customers, cigarette sales and inventory by three aspects of the work are the key to do, especially to maintain a reasonable inventory of cigarettes, cigarette inventory reasonable not only can provide satisfactory products for consumers, but also to speed up the turnover of funds, improve capital efficiency the. The majority of cigarette retail customers how to do a good job of cigarette sales, I think we might as well do the following aspects:

first, the right amount of purchase, primary and secondary order. Cigarette business customers have to shop around the sales environment for a comprehensive understanding and grasp, so that when the cigarette order will not produce blindness, in order to cigarette brands, specifications, grade, quantity choice, target, the order of cigarette is not poor, can adapt to different consumer purchase demand. At the same time, the smoke households should pay close attention to surface changes in consumer and psychological changes, timely grasp the needs, timely and appropriate purchase of marketable brand cigarette sales, maintenance.

two, clearly the sales skills, help. The majority of the retail customers in cigarette sales process, as much as possible to provide customers with quality service, the variety and grade of cigarette sales should be complete, cigarette sales should be clearly marked, so that consumers can buy at ease, have a choice. At the same time, the majority of the retail customers but also integrated into the business area, environment, facilities and other factors, in order to facilitate the display and cigarette products, convenient for customers to choose and purchase (sale mode according to the different population and the environment, choose the appropriate cigarette display mode, the maximum for customers to create a convenient shopping environment).

for conditional on cigarette retail customers can store consumers to patronize the distribution of smoking forms to promote new products to stimulate consumers to buy cigarettes, try smoking, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding the cigarette sales, increase economic benefits. In simple terms, it can be summarized as (1) to communicate with each other and to narrow the distance between customers and me; (2) to display eye-catching and attract customers

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