How to promote the use of customers in store management

stores more than the cost of publicity, not word-of-mouth among customers. So, if a shop wants to have a higher popularity, may wish to use the customer to promote. In sales, we as a boss, most of the time is to focus on their own propaganda methods, in fact, most of the time, the customer is a very good way of publicity, publicity by the customer, not only does not need the cost, but also can play a multiplier effect. With the participation of customers, so our supermarket will Business Flourishes, popular wangwang.

calendar made clever propaganda

every time I buy a new brand of cigarettes in the supermarket, I will do some publicity. My propaganda is not to send out leaflets, not shouting. But this brand of cigarette and printing to the calendar, then these calendars distributed free to customers. This effect is good, because I’m not publicity for publicity, but in order to provide convenience for publicity, so that you and the customer’s psychology, and thus stimulate their hearts of affection and desire, and promote our supermarket sales of goods.

use the calendar to do publicity, this is a kind of invisible advertising, because customers every day will see the calendar, and every time I see the calendar will see the cigarette, edification and influence day by day, for he is also a hint. Some customers also take the initiative to come to him before the calendar, of course, I will introduce him to his cigarette, the story behind the desk. This move has received an unexpected effect.

gradually, there are customers come here, they say to listen to people say that the smoke is good, see he is very interested in, I handed him a cigarette but also gave him a calendar. He smiled and said, "what? Cigarettes and prizes?" Yes, my prize not only gave them a surprise, but also recommended a good brand of cigarettes for them. I use the customer’s propaganda, to win the customer. After my hard work, I have a good sale of cigarettes in the supermarket.

customer contact customer

that day, I went to visit my friend. Friends in a government unit as a secretary, usually work is not very busy. When I went to the post soon, suddenly broke into a woman, she was carrying a large bag, we see, and then said: "Hello, I sell jujube! My date is particularly good, high quality and inexpensive, you can have a try!" Friends like to join in the fun, so gather together to look at. The selling date said: "100 yuan 5 bags! Cheap enough!" But who can buy 5 bags? Her date is really good, not expensive, some friends tempted, but you can not buy so much ah.

what can we do about it? However, the man who sells dates is very firm

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