Tibet has issued the first double programmatic inclusive new policy

Tibet is a gathering place for ethnic minorities in China. The development of Tibet science and technology is of great significance to the promotion of Tibet’s economic development and the improvement of the local people’s living standards. At the beginning of the new year, the first introduction of Pratt & Whitney Tibet entrepreneurial policy documents to guide the future of public entrepreneurship.

"opinions" pointed out, deepening the reform, increased decentralization efforts, and constantly improve the institutional mechanisms, improve the inclusive policies and measures to relax the policy and market deregulation, the main body, to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, to build a conducive public entrepreneurship, innovation development policy environment, institutional environment and public service system the whole society, fully stimulate the vitality of entrepreneurial innovation, efforts to promote sustained and healthy economic and social development of the region.

"opinion" clearly, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation must adhere to government guidance, to promote entrepreneurship and innovation and market demand and social capital combination, deepening reform, and further decentralization, to maximize the release of all types of market players vitality of entrepreneurial innovation; adhere to the open sharing, integration and utilization of the entrepreneurial innovation resources, realize the talents of innovation and entrepreneurship the elements of trans regional free flow.

"opinions" from the cultivation of entrepreneurial innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation to create the main carrier, strengthen intelligence support, optimize policy services, strengthen the protection of the organization from five aspects such as the refinement of the 24 policy measures to increase efforts to support entrepreneurship and innovation of enterprise groups, scientific and technical personnel, students, farmers and herdsmen in the implementation of talent pool, technology Tibet Science and technology exchanges and cooperation, incentive measures, build scientific and technological platform, science and Technology Park and demonstration base, "Internet plus" entrepreneurial innovation platform, optimize the allocation of relevant resources, financial support, financial support, intellectual property, commercial reform, transformation of scientific and technological achievements policy service, innovation driven development, build a new engine, the formation of new power.

in 2016, in order to comprehensively promote economic construction in Tibet area, improve the living standards of the public, the government stressed the need to fully implement the public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, constantly strengthening the economic and social development of endogenous motivation, promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development of the region.

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