Nanjing third sets of houses directly stop lending

Nanjing as the capital city of Jiangsu Province, the speed of economic development is as everyone knows, it is a historic city, with strong economic strength and good geographical position, attracted a large number of enterprises and talents to. Nanjing’s great development, Nanjing local prices can be imagined. Nanjing’s first suite down payment ratio increased to 35%; the proportion of the first payment of the two suites increased to 50%; the three suites stopped lending. In addition, the credit system has been settled more than two sets also calculate the two suites, only Nanjing city.

at the same time, another source said the people’s Bank of China Nanjing branch has held an emergency meeting. In this regard, there are multiple media confirmed the answer is, the meeting is true, the net transfer of the new content is basically true, the new deal will be released in the first line of the official website, the specific implementation date is unknown."

for the spread of the new deal, there is a correlation analysis pointed out that if the new deal strictly implemented, it will play an immediate effect.

"on the new time node, nothing to say, the past policy adjustment loans several times", a Nanjing insiders said that if the message beginning this week, the implementation should be in the next week, Monday August 1st will likely be a node, and will be submitted to the bank approval time.

as for the new Nanjing real estate market, the person that no matter what, as long as the policy tightening, the short-term will "blow" confidence in the market, forcing people to buy a house to hold a wait-and-see attitude, people will examine the decline of "disc", "luminous plate" the number is expected to shrink.

in order to curb housing prices soared in July 9th, Xiamen city land resources and Housing Management Bureau announced that "to support the rigid housing demand and reasonable improvement of housing demand, curb speculative buying, promote the city’s real estate market is stable and healthy and sustainable development, the municipal government agreed to study, I in July 15th to adjust the housing credit policy," the specific contents are as follows:

, adjust the commercial individual housing credit policy. The lowest first home buyers name no purchase loans recorded in the city and the housing payment ratio of 25%; in the city housing and non housing loan records, or the name of 1 minimum first purchase loan records and the corresponding loans have been settled the payment ratio of 30%; the name has 1 pen records or purchase loans outstanding. The name of the first 2 and above the minimum sum of housing loan records and the corresponding loans have been settled the payment from 40% to 60%; the name has 2 housing loan outstanding loan application will not be accepted.

two, adjust the housing accumulation fund credit policy. The workers home for the first time to apply for housing provident fund loans to home buyers, down payment of not less than 20%, lending rates by the provident fund loans benchmark interest rate second times; family workers to apply for housing provident fund recommended

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