Tianjin northern venture Holdings Group innovative tricks

innovation not only for individual entrepreneurs, but also for startups or more enterprises, the Internet era innovation is not only a dead end. Tianjin northern venture holdings group innovation highlights, let’s take a look!

2015, the private economy, the added value of 778 billion 142 million yuan, an increase of 13.5%, 1.9 percentage points higher than the previous year; to achieve revenue 113 billion 81 million yuan, accounting for 38.97% of the city; private investment reached 758 billion 890 million yuan, up 12.5%, accounting for the city’s total investment 58.08%. The private economy has increasingly become an important force for economic and social development in Tianjin, will make a greater contribution in the "13th Five-Year" period.

group Tianjin North Garden venture Limited by Share Ltd is one of the most complete landscaping enterprises of domestic industrial chain, in the new three board officially listed in December 12, 2014, blew into the capital market. In September 2015, the company completed the first round of orientation after the listing of shares, to raise funds 13 million yuan, as of February 2016 second directed the issuance of 16 million 250 thousand yuan of funds have been put in place, to further expand the company’s financing capacity and reduce the cost of financing.

as the core plate of northern venture holdings and visit the capital market, Tianjin North Garden Limited by Share Ltd in the future will be in the entrepreneurial support of relevant departments, in the overall environment design, investment, construction, construction recommended

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