How to open a jewelry store with the risk

shop is very easy to be successful, but not careful, it can easily to the other end, so in a jewelry store at the same time, should also do a proper evaluation, make our business risk to a minimum.

common opening risk:

1, jewelry store location fault risk

2, the first distribution risk

jewelry shop

3, jewelry store image risk

The risk of error:

location of the jewelry store, the location is a big risk, many entrepreneurs do not store business, the basic location will not, will inevitably lead to major mistakes, the location error is irreparable, but also can not be changed; Zhaxidele provide professional guidance teachers for your location tracking at the same time, given the comprehensive site selection guidelines. Can be completely avoided because of the serious risk of jewelry store location.

the first distribution risk: in the face of merchants to join the market, wholesale market in hundreds of thousands of goods, how to choose reasonable varieties, how can you ensure that you choose goods can make the consumers? The goods that oneself choose cannot sell how to do? Can not afford to sell is the risk, half can not sell, then a few million! Because of not previously engaged in jewelry business, is only interested in jewelry, the opening of selected goods completely by the sense of their own, the first batch of selected goods may have more than half are unsalable risk, this is not a small loss.

here simply introduces a general, there are many details waiting for you to discover.

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